Amarillo northwest interceptor

McKee undertook a cross-country tunneling project for the City of Amarillo, Texas, navigating challenging rolling terrain. The project involved installing 29,257 LF of 15-inch to 54-inch centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer pipe through direct bury methods. Additionally, hand-mined tunnels, a river crossing, and a crossing under State Highway 335 were executed. The unique challenge of […]

Oklahoma city water utilities trust

McKee successfully completed a complex and high-profile project involving the installation of 10,590LF of 72-inch FRP sanitary sewer pipe, along with various structures and micro tunnels. The project route ran alongside the South side of the North Canadian River, with challenging soil conditions requiring the installation of dewatering well points to manage groundwater. Notably, a […]

North harris county regional water authority

McKee successfully helped the North Harris County Regional Water Authority 25B with their plans to construct an 84-inch waterline along the Centerpoint Energy Northbelt Corridor. The project consisted of 8,786 LF of 84-inch diameter welded steel water pipeline in an easement between two high voltage electrical transmission lines and also included 1,296 LF of 108-inch […]

City of hot springs Lake Ouachita water supply

This project involved installing 29,320 LF of 42-inch AWWA C-200 steel waterline for Contract 3 of the Lake Ouachita Water Supply Project in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The project covered around 5.6 miles of 42-inch welded steel pipe for waterlines in rural and urban areas. Contract 3 is a significant phase in the Lake Ouachita Water […]