Oklahoma city water utilities trust


VALUE $26.7M

PROJECT TYPE Water & sewer line installation


McKee successfully completed a complex and high-profile project involving the installation of 10,590LF of 72-inch FRP sanitary sewer pipe, along with various structures and micro tunnels. The project route ran alongside the South side of the North Canadian River, with challenging soil conditions requiring the installation of dewatering well points to manage groundwater. Notably, a contaminated water issue was resolved by setting up a temporary water treatment plant to meet legal discharge limits. To overcome critical challenges, the team executed a temporary damming and bypass pumping system for crossing a large tributary and installed dual 39-inch custom fiberglass arch pipes to work under an active utility vault.

Additionally, McKee maintained close coordination with the City, BNSF, Parks Department, and Public Works to minimize disruptions to parks, local businesses, and residents. Throughout the project, various measures like bypass operations, CCTV inspections, and custom shoring were employed. Despite the complexities, McKee completed the project on time and within budget, with an impeccable safety record—no injuries or lost workdays.