Cherokee waterline program, phase I & II

Location TULSA, OK


PROJECT TYPE Boring & tunneling


The Cherokee Waterline Program aimed to enhance water transportation from the Mohawk Water Treatment Plant to Tulsa, with a focus on improving service reliability for North Tulsa. Phase I and Phase II involved constructing 17,880 LF of 48-inch AWWA C200 Steel Pipe and 13,336 LF of 48-inch AWWA C-301 prestressed concrete cylinder pipe. The pipelines were installed at depths ranging from 12 to 42 feet, with trench boxes, plates, and benches ensuring safe work along the alignment.

Tunneling was also a crucial aspect, with 857 LF of 60-inch hand-mined tunnels and 410 LF of 72-inch hand-mined tunnels. Notably, the tunnel under Bird River reached a significant depth of 72 feet with a 40-foot diameter shaft, requiring dewatering measures during construction.

Phase II of the project traversed a major industrial area, necessitating careful coordination to minimize disruptions to businesses and maintain access for employees and delivery trucks. Furthermore, security measures were implemented during construction for a tie-in inside the WTP. Both phases involved multiple tie-ins and line stops, showcasing McKee’s expertise in complex water and sewage projects.